Do you have a guarantee on saltwater fish?

We do not have a guarantee on saltwater fish.

What do I need to set up a Saltwater Tank?

For your tank, you will need a location, filter, heater, thermometer, and of course salt! Before you get started, you want to make sure you have the proper location for your tank. This means it is placed away from windows, outside doors, vents, and air conditioners-rapid changes in water temperature are stressful for all fish so keeping them away from the above will help prevent that. Also check to make sure it is out of direct sunlight, that where you are placing it will hold the weight (approx. 550 lbs) and an outlet as most need a plug-in. Last, make […]

Is it hard to maintain a saltwater fish tank?

Especially for starters, the work for a saltwater aquarium and freshwater is the same. However, if you put off the work for the saltwater aquarium, the fish will suffer. So, what work has to be done? You want to make sure you check the filter and change the water. Especially in saltwater tanks, you want to change the water so the pH balance does not drop. If it drops, the fish will not be able to tolerate the change. Although, the water would need to be changed in either tanks. Saltwater tanks do have to be cleaned more frequently due […]

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